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  • Our policy encourages the dress and conduct of our guests to match The Monarch's exquisite space and refined service. We recommend cocktail or business casual attire. Well-kept jeans are permitted. Gentlemen are kindly requested to remove their hats while indoors. Most importantly, we require that all ladies and gentlemen conduct themselves in a chivalrous, kind, and courteous manner. 

  • Walk-ins are welcome, however, reservations can be made for seating up at the bar, a table in the main bar area, or seasonally on our outdoor terrace. The Parlour is available by reservation or invitation only. All reservations require a deposit that will go towards your final bill.

  • We request that patrons not secure additional tables and chairs until their full party arrives. 

  • Please allow your server or a manager to move tables and chairs. We will do our best to accommodate your party.

  • We operate with respect for our neighbors that live around us. 

  • We reserve the right to ask for your table one-half hour after the last drink is ordered to best accommodate our guests. 

  • We reserve the right to not serve anyone we deem to be overly loud or inebriated. Please show respect to your fellow guests and staff while enjoying your time at The Monarch.

  • Copies of our menus, coasters, and glassware may be purchased from your server upon request.

  • All guests must be of 21 years of age or older.

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